Repair CCU Climatic Control Unit for Porsche 964

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Repair of a Climatic Control Unit Porsche 964

These CCUs can have a variety of defects after being built-in in the car for many years. Our standard repairing procedure comprises a lot of parts, that are known as “usual suspects”, due to our experience with these CCUs. These parts will be renewed, regardless if they are broken or not. This is very important to ensure the function for the coming years!

The correct function of the repaired CCU is tested on a specialized test-bench. The error memory will be cleared.
The illumination bulbs are renewed.

After all, the solder side of the printed circuit boards gets plastic-coated to prevent them from corrosion.


Important note:
If spare parts from Porsche are needed, the price will be higher! A double pushbutton switch for example costs about € 155,- 19% VAT included.

This applies to these parts:

- Pushbutton switches
- Rear side fan
- Front bezel
- All knobs

We offer a two-year warranty on all works done. The seal sticker must be untouched.

-->We do also repair in case the CPU is defective <--

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